With Rs 500 crores ad budget at stake, media will turn Rahul friendly

It is reported that Congress has set a budget of over Rs 500 crores for advertising directed at improving the image of Mr Rahul Gandhi, (RG) the Congress candidate for the PM’s post in 2014.

The blitz is likely to start after 17th January when Mr RG is set to be formally announced by Congress as the PM’s candidate.

As a corrolloray, one can expect that the media will now turn Rahul friendly both because of the flood of PR notes that will come out from the PR firm but also as a voluntary decision of the media managers who would like to get a good chunk of the budget.

I expect to see the trend change in debates on Times Now/NDTV/CNN IBN and Headlines Today. Most of these are already Congress friendly because of the earlier years of business patronage and will now have a greater reason to support a “Change of heart” by RG.

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