The mission of AIFON is to

“Create a strong and effective voice for the Netizens of India which will be heard by the rulers and can bring change”

Often law makers donot have a full understanding of the Cyber Space. Therefore when they make laws for Netizens  they leave loopholes. Law enforcement (Police and Judiciary) also has similar problems. Hence there is a huge gap between the expectation of Netizens and the laws meant for them and how they are implemented. If this gap has to be bridged, then there should be a mechanism for the Netizen’s voice  to be heard by the law makers.

Today the Netizen population in India is fast increasing and at last count it was about 121 million. All these Netizens are no doubt are also Citizens but in a democracy driven by the adult franchise model, the Netizens have no voice as a community.

This forum tries to work towards this objective.

AIFON does not want to end up simply as an internet site which is fun to read at times but easy to ignore.

We shall aim to create a teeth for ourselves. Such teeth will come from organizing ourselves first in numbers  and then agreeing to take collective decisions for voting in a domestic election.

The goal is therefore to

a) reach a critical mass and then

b) vote in unison in elections in physical space

so that political parties who govern us will not be able to ignore us.

Let’s start our mission today… Naavi



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