Farmers are not the only citizens of this country

The agitation of the so called farmers¬† on farm laws and the reactions of the political parties indicate as if our country has no citizen other than the farmers. Farmers are the “Anna datas” agreed. But if there are no body to eat what farmers grow, then farmers will be worse off than what they are today. Hence there has to be a balance in policies between farmers and non farmers.

Indian farmers have been one of the most irresponsible persons who have been pampered for their vote bank power. Media has made “Farmers” the lobby which dictates the policies of the Government in all respects.

Farmers take loans for farming and misuse it on social spending such as marriages etc and end up being debtors. They donot want to get themselves educated and become productive in their activities and prefer the MSP to sustain them. Each year when there is a draught or excessive rain, they seek relief in loans and waiver most of the time.

The amount of public money that Bankers have lost on waiving off farm loans over the years is the main cause for the difficulties in the Banking sector. But year after year the demand for farm loan waiver only increases.

It is time to put an end to the exploitation of the country by the inefficient farmers and hence there is a need to actively oppose the current so called farmer’s agitation which is actually a political agitation disguised as farmer’s agitation.

It is not diplomatic for any body to speak against the farmers but there is a limit to the tolerance of the non-farmers who are consumers of farm produce and have their own right to survival.

Farming and Agriculture is as much a business as any other and ups and downs are to be expected, anticipated and countered by proper strategies. Government can be expected to help farmers in the form of providing appropriate guidance, crop insurance etc. But subsidizing for the sake of protecting the inefficiency in the farming and agricultural community is not going to be good for the country in the long run.

Let’s therefore not be shy of expressing our honest views even if it is against the farmers. In this context, the strong views expressed by Mr Kumaraswamy, former CM of Karnataka against some of the leaders who are agitating against farm laws are welcome.¬† Other political leaders also have to call the bluff of this opposition to farm laws by some ill informed leaders.


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