BJP is set to commit harakiri

Indians are known in the past to be self destructive. This is getting reflected in two decisions that BJP has now taken up for implementation namely, the new MV act and the Hindi imposition.

I am a staunch supporter of Mr Modi and BJP for a long long time, perhaps since I became an adult and the “Emergency” era was in place in India. However, like me many of the supporters of BJP are completely disillusioned with the statement of Mr Amit Shah on Hindi imposition (Yes, we interpret it as “imposition” unless a strong rebuttal comes from Mr Amit Shah himself).

The MV act is also a point of concern since it will be abused against ordinary citizens for minor violations such as stopping on the zebra line, parking where the Police say there is no no parking, not wearing the helmet or seat belt etc. (Stringent punishment to  dangerous driving aspects including drunken driving etc is acceptable to all but the implementation by police will certainly not be limited to these aspects).

Mr Gadkari has put his personal ego at stake and is defending the high penalties saying that all legislators have supported the law. We know that the legislators are privileged people and no law will touch them and they have no qualms in passing laws unanimously when their interests are least affected or where their privileges are protected or improved.

This MV act provisions will hurt most of the middle class people and they wlil be alienated to BJP en-masse.

As if this was not enough, Mr Amit Shah has spoken in a manner that over 60% of the country are angry with his view on imposing Hindi. All the argument that English is a foreign language and should therefore be opposed is a foolish thought. English is today the global business language and if we need to be a 5 trillion economy, creating a language barrier to international transactions is not wise.

Mr Shah has proudly announced that over 60% of internal notings in his ministry is in Hindi. This indicates that more than 60% of citizens of this country cannot perhaps appreciate the notings because it is in Hindi.

What we in South India is afraid off is that the use of Hindi and removal of English will reduce the South Indians to a state of second class citizens in the country. We are today not afraid of Englishmen coming back to rule us if we adopt English as the main link language. But we are afraid that Hindi administrators will come to boss over the South Indians if we let Hindi take the sole place dislodging English.

We in South India donot trust this move as anything to do with national integration. This is a selfish move of the north Indians to usurp power from south Indians and reduce the South Indians to the “Babus only Status”and retain the power with the Hindi knowing persons whom these babus serve.

This will only re create the Pre independence culture of administration where the English rulers are replaced by Hindi speaking North Indians and the role of Indians in the British administration will be taken by the South Indians.

I would like to flag my concern that neither Modi charm nor Shah’s popularity under Article 370 abrogation will be able to reduce the hurt that this Hindi move will cause to South Indians.

Politically, this will be a huge mistake which will shut part of South India completely off the reach of BJP.

I hope Mr Shah will realize his folly and let the status quo remain. Similarly Mr Gadakri should let part of the new MV act provisions be changed so that offences that donot endanger public shall not be punished with the same penalties as are reserved for “Offences that create danger to third parties”.

Until a change is seen, people like us need to remain neutral and suspend our active support to BJP.


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