AIFON will be focused to represent the views of Netizens in India.

However, to contribute to this thought process, the”Grassroot membership” of this forum will be open to one and all. ¬†The Grass Root Members (GRM) will shape the global policies of the forum for a global Netizen community which is truly borderless. The basic requirement for being a GRM is an e-mail address.

However keeping the Indian focus in mind, persons who have an Indian interest namely the Indian Citizens whether they are living in India or abroad as NRIs will be recognized as the “Primary Members” (PM) of the forum. The basic requirement for a primary membership is an e-mail address and a declaration that he/she is an Indian.

In the coming days there will be additional class of members called “Governing Members” (GM). Governing members are those whose¬†identities have been established with a supporting ID verified to the satisfaction of AIFON. Detailed procedures for the same would be established in time.

In due course a Governing body would be set up with state wise sub committees such as “Karnataka Forum of Netizens” etc to address the state level issues.

At present all membership is “Free”. The cost of maintenance of this online Forum is entirely funded by Naavi (Convener) in his personal capacity. Hence no financial accounts will be presented. However as and when there are contributing members/donors, appropriate audited financial accounts would be presented to the relevant members. Until then this is a zero revenue cost center for the convener as a taxable entity in India.

Presently the activity is entirely online. The contact point is naavi.

As a start up Naavi is taking the responsibilities for the establishment of a structure for this forum. As and when appropriate, the management may be shifted to other interested persons and Naavi may slip into the background.

This is an evolving concept and changes are expected to happen in every aspect of the activity of this forum.


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