The vision behind launching of AIFON is to develop AIFON as a body of Netizens which will be able to bring changes in the legal administration of the Cyber Space.

AIFON will gather the opinion of Netizens on various issues of relevance to the Indian Netizens.

We envision that AIFON will grow in numbers i due course  to significant levels where referendum conducted by the forum will truly reflect the majority view on an issue.

AIFON will establish channels of communication with like minded legislators who can take the referendum results to the legislative bodies and ensure that they are given due weightage.

AIFON will also persuade politicians to take care of the interests of Netizens by becoming a strong lobby during elections influencing the voting trends. We are aware that today communities with 10% representation in the country rule the country over the majorities since majority is divided. If we take the caste less, genderless Netizen society as a single homogeneous group of voters, it will eventually be the strongest of the communities that can influence elections and hence will be a formidable force to reckon with.

The vision is therefore to develop AIFOM membership to levels of significance that will make it an effective custodian of the interests of the Netizens of India.

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