AAP is principally an Anti BJP outfit not an Anti Corruption outfit

The immediate outburst of Mr Kumar Vishwas of AAP on the attack on AAP party office has been to accuse BJP. This Anit BJP stance appears to be the principle that drives the party.

Right from the very beginning it may be observed that AAP has always been more anti BJP than anti Congress. It has never addressed any issue of corruption without using the BJP and Congress phrase. It has not even addressed the issue as “Congress and BJP”. BJP has always been the first accused in any of the charges that AAP has made.

The anger of the public agaisnt Prashant Bhushan’s statement has been wide spread and only the blind can ignore the adverse import of the comment. There was therefore an “Aam Admi Anger” ¬†against the party. ¬†Such aam admi’s who expressed the anger could have come from any party including earlier sympathizers of AAP itslf.

To jump to a conclusion and accuse BJP was an irresponsible statement from an Arrogant Anarchist Party member.

It appears that every one of the AAP leaders have a bad trait which has come out into the open too soon for comfort.


As a Citizen of India

AAP is therefore unair

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