AAP’s attempt to create false sensation

The incident of one of the AAP’s ministers, Rakhi Birla claiming that her car was attacked and immediate claim by her family members for security for the minister fizzled out after a boy admitted that the damage was caused by a cricket ball. The boy spoke on TV and stated that he had apologized to Rakhi Bisla.

However, the minister claimed that the damage was caused after a mob sorrounded her car and a heavy object was thrown on the windshield. She said that she could not see how the damage occured and denied that the boy had apologized.

According to the report, the minister was sitting in the front seat and there was no way she would not have observed the object that hit the windshield right in front of her face. Hence it appeared that she was deliberately giving a wrong version of the incident.

The incident appears to be a concoction of the AAP to gain some cheap publicity since the minister’s version was not reliable. It reminds one of the Sanjay Gandhi’s attempts to claim that his jeep was shot.

Police are now closing the case giving credence to the boy’s version and prima-facie holding the minister as unreliable.

AAP should be ashamed that such persons constitute their ministers!


As Citizen of India

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