Vinash, Vikalp and Vikas.. the choice before Indian Voters

The economic policies of Congress, AAP and BJP can be summed up in the three words Vinash, Vikalp and Vikas.

Congress policy is to sell out the country and keep dangling carrorts in front of gullible voters until the next election and in the mean time lien up their pockets. This will bring vinash on the country.

AAP has no idea of what is its economic stand It has Marxist ideologists shoulder to shoulder with MNS executives and the whole country is confused with what is in store for India if AAP is allowed to gain support. AAP is in vikalp and is also forcing the citizens towards a state of Vikalp,

It is only Narendra Modi’s BP which has a firm sight on the future of India, both in the economic prosperity as well as
national unity and integrity which are contributors to the progress of the nation. The hope of Vikas lies only with NaMo and BJP.

The choice for the voters is clear. BJP to vote everywhere and Narendra Modi to be the next PM of the country.

As Citizen of India

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