AAP’s Law Minister charged of witness tampering

AAP which was on the high moral ground after its recent success in the Delhi elections got a jolt when its Law Minister Mr Somnath Bharti was accused of tampering with evidence in a case which he was handling as an advocate. (Refer article here)

Strangely, Mr Arvind Kejriwal has stood by the minister and not accepted either the demand for enquiry or the resignation of the minister.

It may also be noted that this was the same minister who earlier showed his arrogance calling  all the Judges in Delhi for a meeting with him which was considered as a show of arrogance.

It is observed that one after another AAP’s team is showing its true colours. Already differences have cropped up between Mallika Sarabhai and Kumar Vishwas about the issue of AAP’s ¬†policy on women.

We have to wait for other stalwarts such as Captian Gopinath and Balakrishnan also to realize that their decision to join AAP was premature.


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