Chetan Bhagat calls for AAP to set its priorities right

Mr Chetan Bhagat has written an article today in Times of India which reflects my thoughts too.

In this article titled “Get Your Priorities Right: India first and AAP second”, he has rightly pointed out that AAP is in too much of a hurry and this is not good for the nation.

He has rightly asked for AAP to withdraw from the Loksabha elections. However, I donot think that AAP will take his advice since I suspect that its intentions are not correct. My earlier conviction that AAP was well intentioned in fighting against corruption has been proved to be incorrect. Presently AAP is showing no interest in taking up cases against Sheila Dixit, has taken Congress support to grab power in Delhi and doing its best to spoil the chances of BJP in the coming elections. All this gives credence to the BJP claim that AAP is assisting Congress and working with an ulterior motive.

It is for this specific reason that the undersigned who was in support of Loksatta during the last Karnataka elections had to take a rough stance against AAP.

I am sure that many others also think in a similar fashion.

AAP has no capability to govern the country and cannot be allowed to destabilize the chances of a stable national government under the leadership of Mr Modi which appears to hold hope for a resurgent India in the coming days.

Eminent persons like Captain Gopinath and Balakrishnan should rethink their support to AAP.


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