AAP wants to trigger a voter appeasement race

The first decisions that the AAP took in Delhi even before the passing of the vote of confidence was to declare subsidies on electricity and water. Though this was part of the poll promise, the expectation was that AAP will take steps to improve efficiency in distribution of electricity and water, check if any over billing of costs had been resorted to by the electricity companies.

However AAP misused its mandate to take money out of the Government coffers and distribute it to the voters. This was no different from parties who distributed colour TVs, laptops etc.

Was it not an act of “Corruption”?

This action of AAP has now triggered similar demands from other parts of the country and soon we will have other parties also forced to announce various financial benefits to the people not with reduced cost of administration but by simply doling out moeny from the Government coffers and printing notes.

Congress has in the last several years mis managed the economy and has lead to high inflationary pressures. With this wave of voter appeasement policies that AAP has unleashed, we will not be able to combat inflation in the coming years also. Finally, it will be the same voter who receives Rs 300 per month rebate on electricity who pays Rs 3000/- per month more for his monthly living expenses.

What we need to tell our voters is that it is the responsibility of the Government to improve efficiency, reduce cost and then reduce the tax burden on the society…not simply take money out of the treasury and distribute.

Is this the kind of economic policies that we look for?

Perhaps AAP does not understand such economics which of course require some time to implement. But AAP is in a hurry to go into the national elections and snatch  part of the votes of BJP so that Congress would get an advantage over BJP.

Right thinking voters need to analyse the impact of AAP entering the national fray at this point of time and what it is likely to achieve for itself and for Congress and then take a decision whether to vote for AAP or not.


As a Citizen of India

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