Project Oriented Governance for Modi’s Government

The developmental task before the Modi Government is enormous. On the one hand, there are high hopes raised in the mind of the public and on the other hand Congress has left the Government in shambles.

In such a scenario there is a need for fresh thinking on how to tackle the enormous tasks ahead.

Usually it is left to the various Ministers to achieve the necessary goals of a Government. But the number of ministers available is too few for meeting the requirements. Also if the cabinet is not kept to the minimum, the Government expenditure will be going out of control.

In order to meet the many projects that are required to be handled, I suggest that each of the MPs are individually assigned projects for close monitoring for quick and efficient implementation. This means that if the Government identifies 100 projects for implemenation in the next one year, 100 different MPs will be assigned the task of monitoring the progress in close coordination with the relevant minister or minsters. It would be like a single window monitoring on project to project basis.

Of course this would potentially create a situation where the Project MP and the Minister may develop differences. But such differences can be resolved by the PM. The advantage would be that there would be a focused attention for each critical project and there would be a possibility of efficient implementation. This will leave the ministers to focus more on policies instead of spending time on implementation details.

The allocation of projects to different MPs may have to take into account the individual interests and aptitude. For this purpose, the PM may ask each MP to suggest suitable projects within the manifesto of BJP and take a view on allocation. By this method each MP will get to work on projects of his choice on which he may have specific expertise as well as interest (from the point of view of the good of the people).

Additionally the projects would provide a means of measuring the performance of the MPs over a period of time and be a performance evaluation tool.

Hopefully this would make each MP accountable. If instead of 100 MPs and 100 projects if we can identify 250 projects and assign it to 250 MPs who are not ministers, then all the 336 NDA MPs will have some task to do in the coming days.

Hope Mr Modi will consider the suggestion.


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