Political Strategy for BJP for the coming years

Now that the 2014 Loksabha elections are behind us, BJP has to now focus on how it will look at the future electoral strategies.

In the next elections, will it be possible to retain  283 seats even if the Government functions well? We can hope it does. But if it again requires 71 of 80 UP seats again, it is necessary to consider the difficulty particularly if there is a resurgence of BSP.

As a contingency plan it is necessary for BJP to try and increase its share in states such as West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Orissa. In particular, it is necessary to ensure that BJP gets a substantial foothold in West Bengal and TN since otherwise the “Third Front” threat will re-surface.

I hope BJP puts Mr Amit Shah in charge of these two states to set up party infrastructure before the next assembly elections in each of these two states and fight it all alone if required.


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