Pak Terrorists are happy with Arvind Kejriwal

Every year, Indian security is beefed up on events such as the Republic day to prevent any terrorist attacks that may discredit the country.

This year it appears that terrorists can relax since Mr Arvind Kejriwal has taken upon himself the responsibility to create a terror like situation in Delhi by calling upon his supporters to march on the republic day in the Rajpath replacing the republic day perade.

What an Idea!!

If such Mir Sadiqs are available within the country, Pak terrorists can take a holiday.

The intelligence agencies suspect that he could be kidnapped by the terrorists to enable release of Yasin Bhatkal. But it appears that Kejriwal in Delhi is a bigger terror tool than when even Yasin Bhatkal if freed. I suppose the terrorists would actually reward Mr Kejriwal with a “Pak Ratna” award!


As a citizen of India

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