AAP will break the country into pieces

The way Aam Admi Party is behaving in Delhi showing complete disregard to law and order as well as judicial and quasi judicial authorities makes one shudder to think what would happen if these people are give the power.

If ever these people come to power in Loksabha, they will ensure that the country would be broken to pieces with the Police, the Courts and the Governments will all become irrelevant and there will be a complete law less ness in the country.

Fortunately they are unlikely to be in power even in Delhi beyond another week.

But we must accept that they have the potential to create confusion amongst the voters in the 2014 elections and try to snatch several seats from BJP. The result could be a fractured mandate where Non Congress-Non BJP parties may get nearly 200+ seats and deny BJP the crucial 272+ seats.

It is necessary that voters in the country  realize that this party does not deserve to be our representative and give a fitting boot to the party in the Loksabha elections.

We remember that Indira Gandhi declared emergency because they felt that Jaya Praksh Narayan instigated the army to disobey. Now the current Congress regime has not even brought the President’s rule in Delhi though Arvind Kejriwal has incited the Police to be disobedient and called upon the public to disrupt the Republic Day parade.

If Congress is continuing to prop up the AAP in Delhi, it means that they have no concern for the good of the country.


As a Citizen of India

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