Anarchy in Delhi.. Congress is equally responsible

The street protests organized by Mr Arvind Kejriwal has thrown open a challenge to the rule of law in India.

It is one thing to oppose police atrocities and to say that “Police exist mostly to protect the VIPs and not the people” (Statement of Mr Mohandas Pai) and another to tolerate the lawless ness unleashed by an elected chief minister of a state.

In fact there are many who want Mr Shinde to be thrown out of the union cabinet for his own anti constitutional actions of discriminating the crime scenario in India on the basis of community and vote bank politics. However the means to oppose him is not the means which Mr Kejriwal is adopting.

It appears that what Mr Kejriwal is doing is against the oath of office and as per the constitutional provisions, he should be deemed to have demitted his office. otherwise how can be say that he is an “Anarchist” and will “disrupt the Republic day parade”?

Congress government normally harps on a president’s rule whenever they dislike the actions of a state. However, in the present case, Kejriwal being a chief minister only because of the support of Congress and hence Congress is vicariously responsible for the chaos that prevails in the national capital for the time being.

It is essential that Congress moves in immediately and withdraws its support to AAP in Delhi and simultaneously LG rule is implemented in the City.

Other things including whether Police in Delhi should be under the control of the CM or not should be debated and action initiated for correction.


As a Citizen of India

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