Karnataka is a bigger challenge to Modi than Rahul Gandhi

Congress revealed that nothing has changed in the party despite the recent reverses. The party is still hesitant to move out of the “Protect the Dynasty” policy and decided not to declare Rahul Gandhi as their PM candidate.

This move indicated clearly that Congress foresees a potential defeat and would like to hedge. Many analysts are now talking of Modi Vs Kejriwal as the main fight.

The undersigned however does not rule out Congress being a serious competitor to Narendra Modi. One of the unknown factors is the possibility of rigging in the elections through electronic rigging of the Voting Machines. It is essential for BJP to take care on this possibility however remote it could be since a desperate Congress can adopt desperate measures.

BJP has to therefore continue its efforts to project a “New BJP” under NaMo and this includes a fresh approach on the declaration candidates for Loksabha elections.

The news that is coming from Karnataka on BJP candidates indicates that many of the old faces may re-surface in the candidate’s list including persons like Shobha Karandlaje. It is necessary for NaMo to take a close view and adopt a fresh approach to rebuild the Karnataka BJP. We cannot forget that BJP had been badly beaten in the previous elections and the wrecker in chief was Mr Yeddyurappa and his friends who not only weaned away votes but also damaged the reputation of the party and its remnant leaders almost irrevocably. If such loud mouthed opportunists are not kept out of the election fray, they would only pull down the chances of BJP in Karnataka.

What we need in Karnataka is for NaMo to find a completely new group of 28 candidates and even if all of them are first time candidates, it is fine. It is essential to keep out all major leaders who were the face of BJP in the past from the list of candidates. For atoning the sins of the past these leaders need to work for the party without expecting the rewards of the MP’s position.

Finding honest, simple candidates without a baggage of corruption would help BJP to meet the competition from AAP at least on the image front.

Will NaMo exhibit enough control on the choice of candidates in Karnataka?.. We need to wait and watch.

In my opinion, the decisions that NaMo may take regarding the choice of candidates in Karnataka  will be a greater challenge to the leadership character of Narendra Modi than any challenge that can be thrown open by AAP or RG.


As a Citizen of India

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