AAP and Ford Foundation

The AAM Admi Party has been breaking apart in the recent days with ministers like Somanath Bharti going berserk. Simultaneously one of the MLAs in Delhi Mr Binny has expressed his opposition to the policies followed by AAP and is likely to be expelled. If he is expelled the possibility of Delhi Government falling is high..

AAP has now designated its media spokes persons and persons like Mr Captain Gopnath have been dubbed as “Only Members and donot represent AAP’s viwes”. If Captain Gopinath feels that his self respect is hurt, it is possible that he may  withdraw from AAP  Of course, if he is another Man Mohan Singh, he may brush aside the snub and continue.

In the meantime, today’s Kannada Prabha has carried a shocking article highlighting the fact that many of the AAP members have been funded by Ford Foundation, a CIA outfit in USA. (A copy of the English version of the article is available here.)

This article is a must read for all AAP admirers who thought that Mr Arvind Kejriwal is fighting only corruption. He may actually be a coming out as some body who is being used willingly or otherwise by ant national interests.


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