Emergency in Parliament..this time with the assistance of BJP

Today it was one of the worst days in the days of Indian democracy. It was back on June 25, 1975 that Indira Gandhi declared emergency and withdrew all freedom of press, arrested L K Advani amongst others and ruled the country till 1977 as a dictator.

Today Parliament was blacked out and a very contentious bill on Telengana was passed. Unfortunately this time L K Advani was inside the Parliament and Sushma Swaraj spoke in support of the Bill (As reported). Indirectly both Sushma and Advani have supported not only the bill but also the manner in which the bill was passed.

In other words this Parliamentary Emergency had the blessings of BJP. It is shameful….

This incident is completely against the “United India” cry of Mr Narendra Modi. It s necessary for Mr Modi also to explain to the public how he can support this policy of BJP to divide Andhra much against the will of the people.

(Disclosure: I am not an Andhrite. I am a Kannadiga and I oppose the division of Andhra on principle)


(As a citizen of India)

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