Pratap Simha enters Electoral Fray

Mr Pratap Simha the well known columnist of Kannada Prabha is entering the electoral fray as a candidate of BJP from Mysore. The sitting candidate Mr C.H.Vijayashankar is obviously disappointed and has been talking to the media that an “Outsider” has been hoisted on the people of Mysore.

Though I am presently staying in Bangalore, Mysore is my native place and hence I suppose I can express my views on the electoral situation in Mysore.

I would not like to pass any criticism of Mr C.H.Vijayashankar or his achievements as a past M.P. from Mysore. I presume he has done his bit as an MP and my friends in Mysore can confirm. My own experience is that whenever I have tried to be in touch for raising some issues in the Parliament, no MP has reacted positively. Only Mr Rajeev Chandrashekar, has shown some reaction. Since most of the issues I rise are on the issues that affect Netizens, I expected people like Mr Janardhan Swamy to be responsive. But they have not been even acknowledging the e-mails from Netizens let alone raise their issues in the Parliament.

In this context, it would be necessary for new faces to be tried out as people’s representatives and I look at Mr Pratap Simha as one of the persons who may remain responsive to the public especially of the Netizens of Karnataka.

The argument that Mr Pratap Simha is an outsider to Mysore does not hold water. His column in Kannada Prabha is so popular that I can make a safe guess that the total circulation of Kannada Prabha in Mysore would roughly equate to his voter base. (With an average of atleast two from family). This constituency would add to the current BJP voter base and hence he is having better chances of winning as compared to Mr CHV.

 I hope Mr CHV be reasonable to concede that  Mr Pratap Simha is already in the hearts of many Kannada Prabha readers in Mysore and hence is verymuch the insider in Mysore.

Mr Pratap may however require support of the grassroot workers in reaching out to the common people in Mysore and I appeal to Mr CHV to get over his disappointment and whole heartedly extend his support to Mr Pratap Simha.

May be the first move can come from Mr Pratap Simha himself who may call on CHV and request his support.

Let’s look for a coordinated work from the past MP and the new BJP face in Mysore so that BJP can come up with a thumping victory.


(As a Citizen of India)

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