NRIs need to be allowed to Vote

Though NRIs are eligible to retain and ¬†their voting rights get their names added to the Voter’s list if it is not there, presently NRIs can vote only if th

ey are personally present on the election day at their constituency.

There is a need to change this provision immediately for the next Loksabha election. Any voter should be provided an opportunity to vote either through the postal ballot system already available or through a digitally signed electronic voting system.

Hope the Election Commission takes immediate efforts to make this happen. As regards the NRI voters, the cost of postal ballots can be a concern. However if the voters can submit their postal ballots to the Indian consular offices or if the Consular office  itself is made the polling booth, then NRIs can participate in the elections.

It is understood that BJP has made a representation to the ECI in this regard. (Report in The Hindu)


As a Citizen of India

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