The Ever Student of JNU Kanhaiya Kumar turned into a hero?

The recent developments in Delhi and more so in the media channels indicate that the JNU student union president Mr Kanhaiha Kumar has become a political leader over night because of his arrest and release on bail. Even established leaders like Mr Sitaram Yechury are impressed by the potential of this 29 year old student of JNU “Since 2002” and has declared that he would campaign for CPM in the West Bengal elections. Obviously, without passing exams, Mr Kanhaiya has landed a good job to build his career.

While one can appreciate the skill of Mr Kanhaiya in making the best out of the circumstances, the media houses need to maintain a balance when they interview him and speak as if he is an authority on various issues in the country.

Mr Rajdeep Sardesai who interviewed him for India Today and Mr Bhupendra Chubey who interviewed him for CNN IBN have not been questioning him on what has be been doing since 2002 in the JNU and what is the progress he has achieved as a “Research Scholar”.

The attitude of the media to give credibility to a person who has failed to do his duty as a “Student” and is indulging in political activities within JNU premises needs to be questioned.

Will the news anchors clarify why they should not analyze the reasons why both in JNU and FTII, it was the middle aged students who remained in the institute for years after they were supposed to have passed out who were the cause of the agitations and causing trouble?

Also will the news anchorsĀ  question the teachers who are indulging in political demonstrations which should be against their service rules?


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