Mr Tejasvi Surya to contest from Bangalore South

The election process in the prestigious Bangalore South constituency has just begun with the confirmation of the BJP candidate  Mr Tejasvi Surya. After the sudden demise of Mr Ananta Kumar, an expectation had been built up that  Mrs Tejaswini  Anantakumar would be the candidate. The media was basically responsible for building up this narrative which appears to have been supported by a few BJP leaders. When her name had not been announced in the first list, a rumour was going round that Mr Modi may contest from this constituency. But finally the choice has fallen on Mr Tejasvi Surya, an young leader, a good orator and an advocate by upbringing.

It is good to see that Mr Tejasvi visited Mrs Tejaswini’s house before filing the nomination and seek the support of Mrs Tejaswini. We presume that Mrs Tejaswini  would be given another suitable opportunity to serve the party and ensure that the disappointment of local workers is suitably placated.

Tejasvi Surya is available on twitter at

On Facebook he is available at :


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