An Open Letter to the Assistant Election Commissioner, Yadgir

To The Assistant Election Commissioner,
Loksabha Constituency 38

Dear Sir,

It has been reported in Suvarna News today that your office has issued a notice to Sri Shivanada Yogi Maharaj who is a revered religious leader alleging violation of election code.

According to the report the notice is based on some press reports stating that he has made an astrological prediction which has been interpreted by some other news paper that it indicates a prediction that Sri Narendra Modi may win the elections.

Your notice is not based on valid reasons and smacks of a malicious bias which is itself a violation of election code for an officer of the Government.

Everyday people do express their wish that some political party will win and some will lose. This is part of the legitimate public and press activity. It is the prerogative of the Press to interpret any word uttered by either a religious leader or a party leader or even a terrorist and state that this means that so and so will win. Based on such press reports, it is incorrect for you to issue a notice to the Swami.

I therefore charge you that you are biased and unfit to discharge your duties as per the constitution. You are maliciously misusing the powers and responsibility entrusted to you.
You should therefore recuse yourself from the duties related to the election forthwith.

In case the news report of Suvarna News is wrong, you need to initiate action against Suvarna News for spreading a fake message. In case your inference is based on some other news paper report and you consider it inappropriate, you need to initiate action on that news paper.

In either case, your action to issue notice to the Swamiji is highly deplorable.

Kindly apologize to the Swamiji as well as the public and withdraw the notice.

CC: The Chief Election Commissioner, New Delhi, with a request to immediately divest the responsibilities of this officer.

Netizen Activist
All India Forum of Netizens
37, 20th Main, BSK First Stage, Bangalore 560050
14th March 2019

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