Charter of Demands…Safe Cyber State

The third point in the charter of demands placed before the prospective candidates seeking election in Bangalore/Karnataka is

3. Recognize the fact that Netizens have their own security needs and develop an effective Cyber Security policy for the State and implementation program towards making Karnataka a “Safe Cyber State”.

If “Internet access for all” has to have a desired positive impact on the society, it needs to be qualified as “Safe Internet for all”. Security is extremely important in the light of the global presence of cyber criminals who are looking for every opportunity to spread their tentacles. Hence “Cyber Security” is a very important concern of the society. Since “Law And Order” is considered part of the responsibilities of the Government, it is imperative that even in the Cyber Society, “Law and Order” needs to be given the due importance.

It is essential with or without “Internet access for All” as a policy, a separate “Cyber Security Policy for the State of Karnataka” under which all the requirements can be addressed. This includes “Cyber Security Education” in colleges, “Cyber Security Research”, “Mandatory Security implementation” etc.

If Karnataka becomes the most “Secure Cyber State” in India, that will alone attract investments from across the globe in new IT initiatives.

Several years back this idea was put up to the then CM, Mr Yeddyurappa to take steps towards making Bangalore the “Cyber Security Capital of the World”. Appropriate statements were made in the “Cyber Security Summit” but there was no follow up action.

In order to provide a further impetus to this thought, this has been added in the Charter of Demands.


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