AAP MLA accused of stopping water to non supporters

Ref: article in Guardian

The lady who was recently accused of slapping an AP MLA in Deli has accused him of having deliberately stopped water supply to their neighborhood because the AAp MLA thinks they did not vote for him.

Mr Arvind Kejriwal as usual seems to have chosen to be silent.

With every passing day, Mr Kejriwal is losing credibility to the extent that AAP no longer remains as a threat to BJP and Congress in Loksabha. He is not even welcome in the Third Front camp and becoming irrelevant by the day.

The fight is therefore slipping back to BJP Vs Congress or NDA Vs UPA.

It was interesting how Modi addressed the Bengal crowd and urged them to vote for BJP in the the Loksabha elections irrespective of what they do in the Assembly elections.

But it was equally interesting to note tht he refrained from adopting a similar approach in TN where he focussed only on anti Chidambaram tirade instead of confronting JJ directly. This may not a good strategy unless this is only a first step. BJP has to confront not only Congress but also JJ and DMK in TN simultaneously. The result could be surprising.


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