Vote for Modi to Save India from Congress

Bangalore South goes to polls tomorrow. For the first time voters would be exposed to “Verifyable Voting System” which the undersigned had recommended some time in 2004. It would be a good experience which I hope the voters would not miss. As per the proposed system, after the voting a print out showing the vote would become visible in a kiosk like device by the side of the booth and the voter can see the name, and symbol of the party to which his vote has been registered. After 7 seconds the slip will drop down to a box.

The choice for Bangalore South voters is between Mr Ananthkumar of BJP and Nandan Nilekani of Congress. Nandan has been trying to reduce the battle to the personal level hoping that his personal image will be able to help him to win. But Ananthkumar rightly has been focusing on the national issues and “Modi for PM” as the decision before the electorate.

I am surprised that many people including organizations such as BPAC have been focusing local administrative issues as the sole issue on which voters need to vote. I completely disagree with this narrow view.

The issue before us is whether BJP should be voted to power in sufficient numbers so that an efficient administrator like Modi can become the PM in place of the irrelevant Man Mohan and the childish Rahul or the corrupt Sonia.

I hope the voters of Bangalore would take the right decisicion.

Simultaneously I urge voters in all other constituencies of Karnataka also to vote for Modi’s BJP and ensure that BJP gets at least 24-25 seats in Karnataka.

Let’s not allow the corrupt and divisive Congress to have any foothold in the national administration.


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