Uppi’s “Super” dream is becoming a reality with Oppo Police Stations.

In the context of  the recent ghastly murder of Gauri Lankesh a politician-journalist,  in Bangalore,  there is a discussion going on in Karnataka about whether the case has to be handed over to CBI or the State Police is capable of solving the case themselves.

There is no doubt that Police in Karnataka as elsewhere are capable enough to solve any mystery including the type of Gauri Lankesh provided they are given a free hand by the politicians who may want to take the investigation in a particular angle.

In the instant case, it is possible that a few political parties want to fix some body connected with BJP/RSS so that there would be an adverse impact on them in the next elections. Some times it is more difficult to sustain a falsehood than the truth. This may be one of the reasons that  there is no progress in the investigation or the Police may be resisting any political manipulation.

However it is very clear that the key to the investigation lies in the mobile world. Very recently, they solved another mystery assault on a women at the dead of the night intelligently analysing mobile data. Knowing the efficiency of professional police in Karnataka, by this time they would have already analyzed the mobile data of different types and traced the killers and they my be zeroing in on them if a clearance is received from the leaders.

In this background, the above name board of an “OPPO Women’s Police Station” indicates as if Karnataka Police has set up a special women’s police station to investigate mobile related crimes particularly on women,  going by what we see above. If so, it would have been most appropriate to take up the investigation of this murder.

Unfortunately however this may not be the case. It may be just that Oppo sales manager  is an intelligent marketing person who has convinced the Police that he would give free name boards for all Police Stations and the Police could have accepted the offer without thinking of  how the Boards may look like. Oppo could have offered it as complimentary so that the other Oppo boards in the city in front of mobile shops look as if they have the patronage of the “Oppo Police Stations”.

Nevertheless, it is a coup for the sales manager to have been able to get the Police accept the offer and display such prominent Oppo hoardings on the Bangalore Mysore highway which should cost them a few lakhs each month in terms of rent at market rates. I should congratulate him for his achievement.

We may observe that the board looks more like the Police Station being an Oppo property than the Government of Karnataka Property. The Board reminded me reminded of Upendra’s  Kannada film “Super”in which the hero acting as the Chief Minister of Karnataka sells the entire Karnataka state to different private companies like an IPL auction.

It appears that even before the new Political party of Upendra namely “Praja Rajya” starts its activities, his filmy concept of Government selling off the State in a privatization drive is becoming a reality.

……unless the Chief Minister of Karnataka wakes up and gets the boards replaced…without further delay….


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