Karnataka gearing up for Governor’s Rule?

As the campaign for the elections on May 5 is going through the last stage, Voters have not been able to get a clear picture of what they need to do. Media has been unhelpful since they are only projecting the same old leaders with the same old promises, all of which is either untrustworthy or downright disgusting.

Many political parties are offering incentives to voters in their manifesto as if they want to recruit them into their fold through a bond of corruption. None of the existing parties deserve a second look for rejection. Voters are torn between the option of giving the voting a go by and selecting a candidate who will only proliferate the corrupt and non performing governments.

Some analysts are trying to spread concerns in the minds of voters that a “Hung Assembly” is not good for the State and hence they should vote for the party which is most likely to win.  In this category there are only two choices namely the Congress and the BJP. BJP is reeling under a massive “Anti Incumbency” pressure and the carry over of corruption charge from the earlier CM’s regime. Hence the analysts appear to favour Congress as the only party which can provide stability.

However, many voters consider Congress as the other name of Corruption and with the latest CBI saga, intelligent voters will never trust Congress. With Congress leaders from the Center making laughable statements in their campaign and the local leaders strongly divided, Congress is fighting against itself. The single visit of Mr Narendra Modi has brought out the weaknesses of Congress to the fore like no other BJP leader has ever done. He is likely to address 2 more meetings and will dent the Congress image substantially.

Under the circumstances, the possibility of Congress also failing to make 115 seats on its own s very high. Hence a hung assembly appears to be the most likely scenario in Karnataka.

Further, the voters of Karnataka have a mission during this election. They need to make a statement that they cannot be taken for granted by politicians who run on their own for 5 years and come back with promises in the last month before every election that they will be a changed lot. Voters need to put their foot down and reject all sitting MLAs and major parties as a default rule. Exceptions need to be well substantiated and few.

If in the process there are more independents, so be it. If therefore there is a post poll alliance, so be it. If alternatively, there is Governor’s rule, so be it.

If none of the parties have absolute power, let’s hope that there will be a check on the ruling class.

What is important for the Voters is to ensure that they send at least a few worthy candidates to the assembly so that they will at least raise citizen issues. In this connection it is necessary to look at select independents who have distinguished themselves with public service and minor parties like Loksatta. If even about 15-20 such people are in the assembly and are vigilant, we can expect a better governance and a check on corruption.

Voters should not therefore hesitate to support candidates for the fear of them not being in one of the parties which can get a majority on their own in the entire state.

The number of votes cast on parties other than Congress, BJP, JDS, KJP,  will indicate the strength of the Responsible Voters who want to root out Corruption and lack of governance in the State. The loss of voter share collectively by these four parties will represent the strength of the silent voters who can make more difference to the outcome in the coming elections.

Netizens who constitute 10-15% in the state should ideally be in this “Non Congress-BJP-JDS-KJP” band.

Let’s wait and watch  the post election scenario to find out how much of these voters have been able to make a difference.


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