Karnataka Elections, How to chose? ..through a Score card for the candidates

During the last Karnataka Assembly elections in 2008, I had written an article here in Bloggernews.net on each voter creating a score card for the candidates in his constituency and arriving at a score before deciding on the candidate.

In the current elections where the voters have an even higher level of confusion on chosing the right candidate, a score card based approach to selection of the candidate is even more relevant.

I am therefore drawing the attention of the readers to my earlier article available here: http://www.bloggernews.net/115517

In the article I had suggested voters to use the following type of a template.

(You can also download a printable copy here)

Constituency:……….. Rate on a Scale of -10 to +10

Parameter/Name of candidate








Past Record as MLA/MP/Local social Worker

What is his Criminal Record?

How Much of ill gotten wealth he has amassed

Loyalty to a Political Party/ Philosophy

Can he be trusted for his promises?

Educational Background

Accessibility as a Public Servant if elected

My Subjective Preference (Caste, Religion, Gender or any other)

Total Score


(The maximum total score above is +80. In order to add the Party preference, voters may add 20 points for their party of preference which accounts for national policies of the parties, national leadership etc. It is suggested that there can be a negative marks on this account to the extent of -20 if the voter thinks that a party is undesirable because of its national policies. )

I suggest the voters this time also to use this template adding additional parties and independent candidates as required and draw up the score of each of the candidates in the voter’s constituency before arriving at a decision.

Families and other communities can get together and discuss the values they can assign to each of the candidates in their constituency and arrive at a decision.

I invite each reader to pick a constituency (Details available at http://ceokarnataka.kar.nic.in after the date for withdrawals is over) and complete the above questionnaire and mail to naavi@vsnl.com.

I shall put it up on the web at www.aifon.org.in for public information. Kindly provide your name. In case you are a resident of any constituency, you are welcome to provide your address and contact details.

The e-mail address or name would not be revealed if the sender so desires. (Please indicate in the e-mail whether it can be revealed).

Voters can use the template to create their own score sheet and chose the candidate with the lowest negative score or highest positive score.

I also invite good Samaritans in each constituency to print this scoring sheet and the instructions (If necessary this entire article) and distribute it in their constituency. In rural side a Kannada version needs to be created.

Candidates are welcome to send in their self assessment of their score sheets.

NGOs like B.PAC may also try to invite the public to use an objective methodology like the above to chose a candidate.

I hope this will be the contribution of Netizens to the conduct of a useful election this time.

Vijayashankar as Voter of Karnataka

(You can also download a printable copy of the score card here)

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