Karnataka Election 2013–Vote to Voice Your Protest

A TOI study in Karnataka has revealed that “Corruption” is one of the major issues in Karnataka.

If Corruption is a prime election issue in Karnataka it is as much because of the daily dose of news we keep getting from Delhi rather than the local corruption news which are at least a few month old.

It is the non performance of the post-Yeddy regime of BJP that has ensured that the corruption tag continues to stick to BJP in Karnataka.

We therefore urge voters to reject both corrupt and those who support the corrupt through non performance during this election. If in the process our vote goes to a candidate who cannot win let us consider it as a “Vote of Protest”.

If at least a few of the good candidates get elected because of our efforts, let us pray that they will continue to carry our voice of protest into the assembly.

If in the process, Karnataka gets a fractured verdict, let’s welcome Governor’s rule. It cannot be more corrupt than that of the present politicians.

Vote to voice your protest.


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