It is election time in Karnataka

It is election time in Karnataka. On May 12th, the State is voting for the legislature of 224 seats and the fight is as usual between Congress, BJP and the JDS. Of these three parties, Congress is the ruling party at the State and BJP is the ruling party at the center and both are good enough to garner around 40% of the seats. But it is the JDS with the possibility of 20% of the seats that may have the last laugh by negotiating with either of the two parties to grab power.

The electorate of Karnataka need to evaluate the three parties and take a decision. Since there are hardly 10 more days of campaign left this is the critical time when the voters may have to take a final call and it may determine if any one of the major parties will cross the 50% mark or let the assembly remain hung and go for a coalition rule.

Being a voter in Karnataka, despite other professional ethical commitments, it is natural for the undersigned to express his views on the politics of the day and some thoughts may be expressed through these columns.

So here we go…


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