Is Indira Canteen a show of Development?

While the Congress Government led by Mr Siddaramaiah has been in power for the last 5 years, they seem to have woken up only in the last 6 months talking about development by introducing many welfare schemes including the “Indira Canteens”.

Public know that these are election gimmicks and funded out of Government money which the honest tax paying citizens have contributed.

While the beneficiaries of the scheme may enjoy the discounted food for the time being, every body is reconciled to the fact that either these will be closed down after election or will become white elephants that breed corruption.

Citizens know that whether it is the Steel Bridge project or any other major construction project, Congress Government will consider them only because while awarding the contract, there is flow of funds to the election kitty.

All major private sector construction companies including the types of L&T are aware how contracts are awarded on the basis of negotiations below the table.

Hence these projects which have been introduced in the last six months are of little consequence for the voters to consider that this Government is development oriented . In fact these “Give Away” schemes are only “Welfare Schemes” and donot qualify as “Development Schemes” since they may actually work against the interest of encouraging people to work hard for a living.

As regards BJP, the development at the country level can be projected with the additional sting that Karnataka missed out on many development schemes because Siddu Government was not cooperative.

There is no doubt that Karnataka lost out participation in many development opportunities not only because the Government here was of the opposition but also because Congress has been openly antagonistic in its approach to cooperation between the State and Center. Neither Mr Siddu has the necessary vision nor RG has the inclination to work towards a cooperative federal Governance scheme and hence if Congress continues in power in the State, the disadvantage of being in opposition with the center will continue.

Congress may like to say that they may come to power even in the center in 2019 but what they mean by power is to cross 50 Loksabha seats instead of the present 44 and hence the possibility of Congress coming to power at the center in 2019 is too remote to be of consequence in the current Karnataka elections.

If therefore Karnataka hopes to develop in the coming days by working closely with the Center, Voter has to chose BJP instead of Congress.



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