Fali S Nariman should resign

If Mr Fali S.Nariman has any sense of shame, he would have resigned from representing the State of Karnataka in the Cauvery issue long time back after his repeated failures. But he has not done so probably because he enjoys the plight he inflicts on Karnataka from time to time more than perhaps the Karnataka born lady J. Jayalalitha now trying to help Tamil Nadu.

Mr Nariman is often referred to as a distinuished senior counsel and a constitutional expert. He has been representing Karnataka in the Cauvery issue since the beginning and also led the team of advocates who represented the State in the Cauvery Tribunal.

In the more than 3 decades of his involvement, Karnataka’s case has been systematically destroyed and in every legal battle, Tamil Nadu has come out triumphant. The discredit for the same belongs solely to this gentleman who has represented the case of Karnataka and received fat remuneration for his failed discharge of duty.

In the recent instance it is proven that he gave an affidavit in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Government without consulting them and committed the State to release 10000 Cusecs of water per day when the State was pleading shortage of water even for drinking purpose.

It is necessary for all to remember that he also is representing J.Jayalalitha in her personal case with the Supreme Court regarding the disproportionate assets (DPA) in which Mr Subramanya Swamy had cornered her. She was bailed out by  a judge who mis totalled a simple table of figures to be able to discharge her. This blatant mistake has been appealed against in the Supreme Court but the honourable Supreme Court takes months and months to even hear the appeal while it has enough time to hear the Cauvery issue or JNU issue or all other silly defamation cases which Delhi politicians bring up from time to time.

It is evident that if Mr Nariman is seen arguing Jayalalitha at the same time against TN in the Tribunal it could attract adverse attention of the media. Hence it appears that he has managed to convince the honourable Supreme Court to delay the hearing of the DPA case as long as possible and perhaps until the Cauvery issue dies down this year.

I cannot understand how this senior counsel can be trusted by the people of Karnataka to represent their case fairly.

While it is open to Karnataka Government to sack him, for reasons better known to the politicians, the decisions favourable to TN seems to be also welcome to them and therefore they keep pampering this senior counsel. The CM of Karnataka is not interested in pursuing the appeal in the DPA case and even the opposition is cool to this delay which has enabled Jayalalitha to be the CM of Tamil nadu rather than cooling her heels in a jail.

I appeal to the good senses of Mr Fali S.Nariman, that he should recognize that the people of Karnataka have no trust in him and he should walk out of this case without further ado.

People of Karnataka need to impress upon the Chief Minister for his ouster if he does not resign himself.

This will be the first step to cooling down the passions on the street.


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