Chairman of Press Council should be apolitical

The Chairman of Press Council of India, Justice Markandeya Katju, a former judge of the Supreme Court has completely abdicated his right to the quasi judicial position by repeatedly airing his political views on various issues of public interest.

His recent efforts to use his office and bring pressure on the constitutional functionaries to modify a decision of the Supreme Court of India is a clear indication that he has lost his sense of justice.

His repeated plea to grant pardon to Sanjay Dutt and the extension of the plea to Zaibunnisa is causing annoyance to all right thinking citizens of India who respect the rule of law and more particularly the families of all the Mumbai blast victims. Despite the denials, Mr Sanjay Dutt is linked to the Muaabi blasts which was a terrorist activity and the claim of Mr Katju that his offence is not a terrorist crime is a technical argument. Anyway by now extending the claim to Zaibunnisa, Mr Katju has extended his support even to a person convicted of the terrorist charges and hence his arguments can be seen as dishonest.

Under the circumstances Justice Mr Katju has abdicated his moral right to hold the office of the Chairman of Press Council and should resign immediately.

I urge the Government of India and the Chief Justice of India to take necessary action. I also urge the spirited citizens like Mr Subramanya Swamy to move the Supreme Court to remove Mr Katju from the post of the Chairman of Press Council of India.

I request Netizens of India to record their views on this matter by tweeting at :@naavi

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